ContextLogic WISH Stock Gets Active Today

Now we’re going to talk about wish stock here context logic inc in just a moment but before we jump into this chart and everything I have to discuss with you guys about wish stock I want to share with you guys the opportunities I mentioned this morning over at the discord and if that’s something that interests you I want to invite you to join us the link is down below in the description to the discord and by joining you’ll become part of a growing community of investors all looking to learn and grow together.

So these were the stocks I mentioned this morning TYME  and XBIO and IKT. Now every single stock gave us small jumps of three to five percent after they dipped and popped up but our home run opportunities were TYME and XBIO we talked about this one in the pre-market jumped nearly 20 to 25 percent in just a few minutes dipped back down and ran back up to the highest point of 25% and XBIO.

We caught this one in the pre-market started a push upwards about three to five percent pulled back down and ran a 10 plus opportunity right there in just a few minutes dipped again and gave the highest point of 25 plus guys if you want to become part of this you’re more than welcome to join us you’ll gain access to the stocks I watch daily as well as weekly now. Let’s jump into this chart so wish stock had a nice little jump today and it pulled back down and it seems to have some type of momentum forming so we have some key levels to watch here and the most important thing is the history of the chart to where we’re at.

Marina Tomskaya


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