Marathon Digital (MARA) Stock Pops 9%: Should You Buy MARA Stock Now?

Over the past few days, the price has risen. On Tuesday, it rose from $ 35.35 to $ 37.98. The next day, the cost surpassed the previous mark and traded at $ 38.94. On August 26, it decreased by $ 2.7. On Friday, the worth rose sharply to $ 40.01, after a while it surged to the maximum price for the week of $ 40.53, increasing the cost by 12%. Now trading price is $ 38.39.
The volatility of MARA stock, mostly because of its connection with Bitcoin, makes it a risky investment. News that the Biden administration might start to demand that the transaction is valued at more than $ 10,000 has been reported to the IRS, it has reduced the cost of bitcoins and another cryptocurrency. Marathon Digital also doesn’t yet have stable profit and growth in revenue. The shares have lost about half their value since peaking in April. Consequently, Marathon Digital is not a buy, because it didn’t form any discernible pattern. But investors should watch out for MARA stock, as it has an impressive arsenal of computing power.

Robert McDowney


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