Palantir (PLTR) Stock Pops 6%: What Does PLTR Do To Stay Ahead Of The Competition?  

During the last days of August, the price has risen by $ 2. The stock traded at $ 24.8 last Thursday and soared to $25.96 the next day. A weekly high of $ 26.47 was hit on Monday. During that day, the value only plummeted and by the end of the day, it was $ 25.78. The price has fluctuated between $ 25.97 and $ 26.32 since the 31st of August.
To this tech business like Palantir, stayed ahead of the competition, it must continue to implement fresh and new ideas. One way to do this is to invest in innovative companies. Palantir has invested in companies that become public through a SPAC. Therefore, it is not necessarily a well-established enterprise, and investments will be somewhat speculative. Nevertheless, Palantir’s decision to allocate $ 250 million to 10 companies is bold and can bring significant benefits to stakeholders. As an example: Palantir is investing $ 20 million in Fast Radius. In addition, Palantir allocates $ 15 million to Tritium and $10 million to FinAccel.

Robert McDowney


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