Pampa Energía (PAM) Stock Surges 6%: What Are PAM`s Second Quarter Results?

Over the past month, the stock price has improved significantly. A stock that was $15.23 on July 19 surged to $16.55 on July 21. Apart from temporary reductions, starting on July 21, the price gradually soared and on July 29, it was $16.76. However, the next day, the cost declined sharply and on August 4 was worth $15.22. After that, it popped. On August 13, the worth was $16.58. Current price is $16.18.
PAM is an independent company, actively involved in the chain of the cost of electricity and gas in Argentina, announces results for the six months and quarter ended June 30, 2021. Sales up 68% year-on-year to US $ 346 million in Q2, driven by higher price and volume of hydrocarbons and petrochemicals sold, new combined cycle gas turbine at Genelba Thermal Power Plant (CTGEBA)

79% year-on-year increase in the adjusted EBITDA3, recording US$241 million during Q2 21. Pampa recorded a consolidated profit attributable to equity holders of $ 70 million, up to $ 66 million over the second quarter of 2020. debt decreased to USD 1,042 million as of June 30, 2021.

Robert McDowney


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