QuantumScape (QS) Stock Gains Momentum 7.1%: Is This Stock A Bet On A Future?

The difference between the prices on Monday and last Tuesday is significantly different. On Tuesday the stock price was at $22.52, and on Wednesday it has dropped to $21.93. It remained stable until Monday and jumped sharply to $24.66. However, on the same day, the worth dropped to $24.12.
QS said in its investor letter that it finished the second quarter with more than $1.5 billion in liquidity. It will have basically $1.3 billion in liquidity in 2022. Investors won’t have to stress over cost overruns as it increases battery creation. For 2021, QS expends operations will cost $130 million to $160 million.

Capital consumption is at the high finish of plans due to the early advancement in the QS-0 pre-pilot line in San Jose. In the more extended term, QS will convey model examples that are industrially significant starting next year. By 2023, it will give cells to clients to innovative work test vehicles. Investors ought to expect commercialization will start beginning in 2024 or 2025. QS resembles an arising biotechnology firm. Since it doesn’t yet have a product, investors are wagering on a splendid future.

Robert McDowney


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