Zynga (ZNGA) Stock Gains 4%: 3 Robinhood Stocks To Buy Now

Within 30 days, the value of the stock has surged. Until the end of August, the price was growing. It started to rise from $ 8.10. By August 24, it popped 10%. At the end of August, the cost was $ 9.09, which is 12% more than on August 10. It has been declining until the 9th of August, and as a result, it traded at $8.27. The current price is $ 8.40.
In early September, AAPL was considered the most common stock among Robinhood users. The company owns one of the most valuable brands in the technology sector. Palantir is a data analytics specialist with enormous potential for long-term growth. Its platform is able to integrate information from a wide array of disparate sources to generate useful ideas. It’s no secret that the millennial and Generation Z age love video games, so it is not surprising that Robinhood users are showing interest in the stocks of gaming companies. Zynga is the most popular company in its category among the users on the platform.

Robert McDowney


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