AMC Entertainment (AMC) Stock Pops 17%: What’s The Reason?

AMC Entertainment (AMC) today’s price is much higher than a week ago. The stock is currently trading at $ 50.17. Last Friday the price was $ 42.79. However, from the next workday, it commenced rising. On Tuesday, the worth surged 14% to $ 49.05. In the next 2 days, it dropped to $48.18 and had remained stable before soaring to $ 51.54.
Disney has become a potential savior for cinema chains such as AMC, Cinemaworld, etc. Shang-Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings broke the box-office record for a Labor Day. Now Disney is making its next release of Marvel, Eternals, available exclusively for local cinemas during the first 45 days after the premiere in early November. The next six Disney films will not be available on the streaming service, including Disney+ or Hulu, for 30-45 days after the show in the theater. This is great news for AMC. It is going to be a winner with Disney’s move. It is also, obviously, a long-awaited development of competing exhibitors Cineworld and Cinemark, as well as Imax and National CineMedia.

Robert McDowney


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