AT&T (T) Stock Dips 1% In A Month: What Is AT&T Doing To Attract New Costumers?

A month ago, the stock price was $ 27.62, which after 2 days fell by 2%. However, the new month started on a positive note as the price was $ 27.65. We can say that the cost was stable until mid-September because, despite the huge drops in price, it always recovered. On September 20, the worth fell sharply by 2.3%. The current price is $ 27.38, which proves that the price is recovering again.
Over the past few months, AT & T has adopted several strategic decisions to focus more on its business customer-oriented model. One of them was the decision to phase out HBO and HBO Max subscriptions through Amazon Prime Video channels because it was aimed at developing direct relationships with consumers. Since September 15 HBO subscription officially ceased on Amazon Prime, and AT & T is likely to have lost about 5 million subscribers from the United States who had signed up through Amazon. The company is currently seeking to return these customers and attract new ones.

Robert McDowney


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