Carnival (CCL) Stock Dips 5%: What Is The Reason?

The stock price had been holding up well for 4 days before the price plummeted on Friday. The stock traded at $24.12 last Tuesday. The next day, it plummeted to $ 0.85. However, after a while, it started to recover and even broke its weekly record, rising to $ 24.20. The worth dropped to $ 22.73 on Friday. The current trading price is $22.96.
Shares of cruise companies Royal Caribbean (RCL) and Carnival Corporation (CCL) fell at the auction on Friday, ending the day falling by 4.4% and 4.2%, respectively. The report about job and Delta, appear to blame. The US Labor Department reported that the US economy added only 235,000 jobs CNBC called the report the worst since January, noting that over the sad figures, apparently, are “increased fears of a pandemic and the impact of growth cases COVID”. From this, investors can draw two conclusions: First, the delta COVID-19 slows down the economy. And, second, the consequence of this is that the more COVID-19 depresses the growth of jobs, the less people will have jobs and disposable income that they can spend on the cruise, even if they are prone to a cruise.

Robert McDowney


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