Carnival (CCL) Stock Pops 15%: Carnival Plans To Restart 50% Of Its Fleet

During the week, the stock price grew by an average of 4.2% every day, eventually increased by $ 3.5. The stock traded at $ 23.03 on Tuesday and popped to $ 23.89 the next day. On September 23 and 24, the price surged to 8%. The trading session on Friday was closed at $ 25.46. Today it has surged 6.7%, reaching a monthly high of $ 27.18.
Carnival, the largest cruise company in the world, plans to restart more than 50% of its fleet by the end of October. This marks a significant return to work after the cruise industry was stopped for 15 months in the US since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. By the end of October, 42 vessels of 8 brands out of 9 will sail away from the US, Europe, and Asian ports, which will be an intermediate point for the full return of the company to operate. CCL previously stated that its purpose is to resume the use of 65% of the total fleet by the end of the year.

Robert McDowney


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