Costco Wholesale (COST) Stock Surges 2%: Which Companies Have Become Major Players In Arenas?

The stock price has increased over the past week. On Monday, it climbed from $ 449 to $ 452.9. The next day, the price dropped to $ 450. On Wednesday there was a temporary jump to $454, but after a while, it reached $446. Since then, the worth has continued to rise and the current price is $ 458.
Veeva (VEEV), whose market value in recent years is about $ 50 billion, there is only since 2007, and since then, it became public in 2013, its shares have risen more than 700%. The company specializes in cloud software, which helps various industries to do what they want. Costco (COST) has grown into retail titanium over the decades, with its share price rising nearly 700% over the past decade.

Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) specializes in robotic surgical equipment, produces and sells its phones da Vinci, which can cost more than $ 1 million apiece, and receive a large regular income after each sale. Recently, 6,335 da Vinci devices have been installed around the world, and more than 8 million operations have been performed on them.

Robert McDowney


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