Facebook (FB) Stock Dips 5% In A Week: Does Facebook Have Special Privileges For Celebrities?

5 workdays ago, the stock price was $ 376.93, on the same day it rose to the highest price during the week $378. A day later it fell to $ 368. During the day, the cost gained 2%, but on Thursday it plunged to $ 373. On Friday, the stock cost was lower at $ 361.8, which means a decline of more than $36 billion in market capitalization. The next business day, the price dropped to its lowest price $355.7.
The Wall Street Journal referring to the review of internal documents of the company that included research reports, online employee discussion, and projects of presentation for senior management, said that although Facebook researchers found harmful consequences of the platform, the company wasn’t able to fix them. WSJ articles say that Facebook has special privileges for celebrities and it released them of some or all of its rules, played down the negative impact of the Instagram app on young users, made changes to its algorithm, that made the platform angrier, and had a weak response to alarms raised by employees over how the platform is used in developing countries by human traffickers.

Robert McDowney


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