Flora Growth (FLGC) Skyrockets 276.4% In a Week: Best Stock of The Month?

The Flora Growth Corporation stock has soared drastically from $3.69 to $13.89 by 276.4% within a week. We can see from the graph that a couple of days ago, the stock traded at $3.18. The shares sharply were growing and, by taking a peak, firmly reached $13.89. Now its market capitalization is 534.122 million dollars.

Internationally focused cannabis company Flora Growth Corp specializes in natural, low-cost cultivation. It supplies cannabis products, offering high-quality materials on the global cannabis market to serve people. The companies stock has remained at the same level since the share entered the market. It’s a chance for investors who want to enter the cannabis market as its relatively low; it will represent good stock growth.

After news about that firm signed a Letter of Intent with Evergreen Pharmaceuticals FLGC moving to feed the company with derivatives and dried flower products, it is most likely guaranteed that the company will grow successfully after the expansion of the business.

Robert McDowney


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