Ford Motor (F) Stock Pops 5%: What Is The Reason For The Slash In Ford Production?

The last trading session was closed at $ 12.94 on Tuesday. The next day, the price increased markedly, namely to $ 13.26. On Thursday it didn’t stop falling and by the night it was already worth $ 12.82. However, on August 27, the worth recovered and reached its all-week high of $ 13.35. The current price is $ 13.05.
Ford F once again reduces the production of the F-150 pickup and the popular two other cars due to the ongoing global semiconductor supply crisis. The automaker declared he plans to stop production at an assembly plant in Oakville in Canada and the assembly plant in Kansas City in Missouri during the week of August 30. Ford will also only work in one of the three shifts at the factory freight cars in Dearborn, Michigan, which produces profitable pickup F-150. Furthermore, Ford is recalling 16,430 pickups Ford F-150 SuperCab 2021 issues due to improper installation of the seat belt. Review applies to vehicles made from 2 January to 27 May 2021.

Robert McDowney


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