GBT Technologies (GTCH) Stock Declines 24% In A Day: What You Should Know?

On the chart for the last month, GBT Technologies (GTCH) stock is fluctuating at $0.0152 with high volatility. The highest price of the stock is $0.0164 was on July 6 while the lowest one was $0.0126 on July 15. Just recently, it was announced that the GBT applied for the non-provisional patent for ICs automatic method and system of design rule correction.
The patent is defending the methods and systems for the automatic rectification of the geometric design regulation which is requiring a lot time if it is corrected manually. With the help of these systems and methods it will be possible to correct automatically the IC layout without any manual intervention.

Also, the automatic correlation is possible by supporting the electrical ability to connect while observing Design For Manufacturing (DFM) and Reliability Verification (RV) restrictions. Also, one more advantage of it, that it can correlate the system within the several minutes by using the artificial intelligence and networks algorithms of natural.

Robert McDowney


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