Global Payments (GPN) Stock is Getting Stress-tested by 8.5% Loss: What’s happening?

Despite Global Payments’ (GPN) stock chart shows a loss of about 8.5% today, on August 2, the fact that day’s range is almost constant at the amount of nearly 6-7% which is a 1.33% or $0.58 rise means that it is quite safe to invest even at the $185-$195 price. Nevertheless, in short term, the stock is fluctuating and could not be a perfect choice for day trading.

Global Payments’ CEO, Jeff Sloan mentioned the well-seen company’s stock growth reached in the second quarter of 2021. Also, he highlighted different meaningful partnerships, which may strengthen the position of the company in the world trade arena. For instance, an agreement with Spanish CaixaBank improved the relationships with one of the biggest markets in Europe.

All in all, wise tactical moves have enabled the company to become more robust and confident in terms of different important ratios over 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 and brings honored benefits to stakeholders, said Jeff Sloan.

Marina Tomskaya


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