Ideanomics (IDEX) Stock Collapses 5%: Advantages Of Concluding A Contract With Sourcewell

The current price has decreased in comparison with the price exactly a month ago. On July 12 it was slowly decreasing and by July 20 it had dropped $2.32, having reduced the share price by 9%. However, in 2 days, the price jumped instantly to $2.61. Until August 4th, the price surged only once to $2.47 but then dropped to $2.3. On August 6, the price rose again, but briefly to $2.54 and dropped to $2.35. The current trading price is $2.43.
WAVE a subsidiary of Ideanomics (IDEX) and the main inaugurator of high-power inductive charging decisions for medium-and heavy-duty vehicles, has been granted a collaborative buying contract in the wireless inductive charging solutions category from Sourcewell. This agreement is a gigantic success for the group at WAVE as it will permit them to work all the more efficiently with clients.

“Probably the main problem fleet operators face in moving to environment-friendly, low-emission vehicles is matching the range- and duty-cycle of outgoing fossil fuel-based vehicles,” said Michael Masquelier, CEO of WAVE. Quick, high-power, automated wireless charging will allow Sourcewell members to more effortlessly extend the range of their next-generation EVs, making the change to a more sustainable fleet simpler.

Robert McDowney


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