KE Holdings (BEKE) Stock Plummets 35%: 3 Gainer Stocks in Tuesday’s Pre-Market Session

Within a month, the stock price collapsed, to be more precise, decreased by $ 10. The last trading session was closed at $ 29. The next day, the cost plummeted to $ 22.85. On July 28, having reached $ 28, it commenced falling. On August 6, the price was $ 18.25. In the middle of the month, it slightly increased by $ 20.7, but after a while, the worth fell again. The current trading price is $ 18.92.
What are the 3 stocks? BEKE rose 7.2% to $ 17.78 premarket. KE Holdings recently released worse-than-expected second-quarter results. TransCode Therapeutics (RNAZ) increased by 7.9% to $ 3.02 on pre-sale trading after the company announced the completion of the second quarter with cash and cash equivalents in the amount of about $80K. Rekor Systems (REKR) increased by 13.2% to an $ 8.84 presale auction after growth by more than 16% on Monday. The company reported disappointing quarterly results last week.

Robert McDowney


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