Mind Medicine (MNMD) Stock Slightly Increases By 4%: Good investment?

For the last week Mind Medicine (MNMD) stock worth fluctuated between $2.8 and $3, reaching its peak at $3.18. During the last trading session Mind Medicine stock was valued at $3.04. The company today announced that participate and support financially the Digital Health Measurement Collaborative Community, a company that is trying to change approaches in medicine to measure health using digital technologies.
Working together with the U.S government, non-profit organizations, and the private sector, the company will tackle complex medical issues using interdisciplinary expertise. DATAcc members will meet today, marking the launch of this community, that aims to change the field of medicine through the use of digital health measurements.

The community will explore 6 main areas that include data governance, data rights, digital inclusion, reimbursement, commercial models, and the standardization of elements of digital sensing products and the data they produce. MindMed is creating an innovative drug for the development of drugs based on psychedelic substances.

Robert McDowney


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