NIO Stock Jumps 11% During The Week: Does Its Level Of New Orders Reach An All-Time High In August?

Today’s price is $ 4 more than on Monday. That day the cost rose from $ 36.69 to $ 37.78. On the last day of August, it jumped again to $ 39.35. On the first day of the new month, the worth fell by $ 1, but after a while, it was able to recover and even rose higher than the previous time to $39.85. On the second day of September, the price is $ 40.96.
Nio had published a report on August delivery and forecasts yesterday. After that investors immediately start selling. American depositary shares of the company fell by about 4% in early trading yesterday, although by the end of the day they recovered most of this fall. And these shares are restored earlier on Thursday morning, with a growth of about 3.5%. Nio actually reported some positive news for investors: the volume of new orders in August hit a record high. But it isn’t the only Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles, which faces semiconductor supply problems. XPeng competitor also declared yesterday a sequential reduction of its supplies in August.

Robert McDowney


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