Sundial Growers (SNDL) Stock Pops 9%: What Can An Increase In Stock Lead To?

At the moment, that is, on August 26, the share price is $ 0.74. This suggests that the price has increased by $ 0.06 over the week. Because last Friday the price was $ 0.68. The price rose to $ 0.73 on Monday. The next day, there was a sharp jump to $ 0.78. The stock was worth 0.79 on August 26. This price remains the highest for the entire week.
мOne company with a lot of warrants and incredibly high dilution is Sundial Growers (SNDL). Producer of cannabis announced its latest earnings in August, and the only figure that stood out was not revenue growth or profit growth, but how many shares it has more outstanding than a year ago. The company is a dilution machine, and even if it suddenly begins to show high growth numbers, this may not be enough for investors to make a good profit, taking into account the possible dilution. Over the last six months, the stock fell more than 40% (Horizons ETF fell by 32%), and higher dilution may lead to large losses in the future.

Robert McDowney


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