Tullow Oil (TLW.L) Shares Sink 1.75%: Will They Rise?

As of the current trading session, Tullow Oil shares decrease by 1.66%. The price stands at 45.93 with a 0.78-point loss since the prior close that was fixed at 46.71 GBP. The company’s shares have severely declined in the early winter of 2019 when the price dropped from 209.6 GBP to 67.8 GBP, and then to 9.75 GBP. The most recent peak was on June 21 with the value equaling 62.54 GBP.

Tullow Oil’s stock price is now 90% higher than it was a year ago, outperforming the market’s return of approximately 19%. That is a good result but if to look closely the shares are actually down 74% in the previous three years.

Tullow Oil’s income has decreased by 17% in the last year. Given the income decrease, the shares have increased by 90%. Over the last year, Tullow Oil stockholders have enjoyed a total shareholder return of 90%. That’s a significant improvement from the previous loss of approximately 11% each year. This may make some shareholders a little nervous, but the company’s fortunes may turn around in the near future.

Azamat Tashtanbay

Chief Editor

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