XBIO and TYME Stocks are Surprising with Sharp Moves

I want to share with you guys the opportunities I planned this morning over at the discord if that’s something that interests you. So you want to become part of you’re more than welcome to join us.  So IKT and STAF stocks were our worst performers giving small jumps of three to five percent as they dipped and popped back up. However,  XBIO and TYME turned out to be home runs for the day. Guys, both of them going 20 plus % on the day. So XBIO talked about it in the pre-market jumped up about five to ten percent and pulled back. Gave a jump of about 10 to 20 percent, pulled back again, and gave the highest point of 25 plus % for that one in just a matter of 30 minutes.

Now the other stock that gave us a quick run was TYME: we caught this one as it was dipping in the pre-market, run up giving about 20 plus %, pulled back down, and from that dip to the top here towards the bell. It was nearly 30 plus % but even waiting towards the bell. After it dipped and ran back up. It gave about a 20 to 30 percent jump as well. I mean this was phenomenal within just minutes since we started watching it. It had a lot of momentum it pulled back down and it gave jumps about ten to fifteen percent five to ten percent but at its lowest point of the day. It took off in a reversal pattern giving the highest point of 25%. I would say about 30 to 40 percent but I stated here 25 plus to not exaggerate. I mean if you do the math from 145 all the way up to two dollars. This was beyond 25 plus at its highs and if you want to know what stocks I watched daily.

David Chen


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